Last Week Austin & Kelsey attended “Art Camp” for the first time. I first learned about MSOA 3 years ago at one of the home school conferences. I was so impressed by their approach of teaching technique and variety of classes, but my children were not yet old enough. Well they have expanded, they are closer now…. meeting in the downstairs of Sunnyside Foursquare Church. They have classes starting in the fall… everything from Celtic & Hebrew Dancing to Choir & Guitar. Their Art classes are what they are “known” for though… Painting… Portrait Drawing… and so much more.Here are some of the fun things the kids came home with after just 4 days.
We were astonished!
Go check out there website…
these home schooled kids are doing some pretty amazing Art!

And learning more about Jesus through devotionals while they are there!

These are from their Cartooning Class…

Kelsey’s Painting from a picture!Austin with his painting!

For more info on MSOA go to
Go to there “art Gallery” tab and check out the amazing Art these young people are doing!