We finally did it! We made the switch to Raw Milk and LOVE IT!
It took me a couple months to find a place to get the milk… granted I wasn’t trying very hard. I have to drive a good 35 minutes to get it but the health benefits are worth the drive, plus the kids get to experience a different kind of family farm when we go to pick it up.

Here are pictures of the kids watching our Milk Maid Karina milk the cow.
For info on Raw Milk and its health benefits go to Raw Milk.

The had some baby chicks to pet while we were there on Saturday. It has been so long since we had chicks. They are so cute!

There was also a one week old kid that the kids got to hold and pet. I wanted to take him home so badly but we need more space and I would want a girl so we can have fresh goat’s milk and make goat cheese. We go through goat cheese like nothing. It is our family favorite! If you know of someone I can get local goat milk and cheese from please let me know!