Significance Behind Choosing a Name

As parents we are privileged, by God, to be able to name our children. Through out scripture careful thought and reflection went into choosing a name... and often times God also spoke to either the mother or father to be, telling them what the child should be named; always based upon meaning. When I was a little girl I had a framed picture in my room that had the meaning of my name in it. [...]

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Tips for Building Your Child’s Self-Worth~ Love them

Tips for the Mom: 1) Love them!  It's Obvious, but we need to choose to show our love sometimes... kids are fun and easy to enjoy most of the time, but when it is hard we need to show them grace and love by how we react to them. 2)Make the Most Important thing~ The Most Important Get right with God!  Go to Him for Healing, be real with Him!  Our inner beauty needs to [...]

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