Q&A Interview with the Dunagan Ladies

Interview with Ann & Christi Dunagan on the Topic of Mentoring Your Daughters: Q. ANGIE: Looking back at yourself as a mom of middle-aged children and babies, how did you begin proactively preparing your heart to let go and let God have your children for service overseas? A. ANN: With each child, there was definitely a time of "dedicating" each one to the Lord and praying over them and committing each little one into God's [...]

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Mentoring Your Daughters: Missions

As our children grow our parenting style needs to adapt from Training & Correcting to more of a Mentoring Relationship.  I am so excited and privileged to share this blog talk between Ann Dunagan, Author of the "Mission Minded Child" and her daughter Christi Dunagan who is currently in Tulsa, Ok and is engaged to be married in June to a 3rd generation missionary from Niger, West Africa. Listen to DaringDaughters on Blog Talk Radio [...]

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Virtual Mentors | Blogs & Books | Part 7

Do you realize how much of an influence books, blogs, music, and movies have in your life? Choose a book, you choose a mentor. Music leads our hearts to meditate on the lyrics, the the meditations of your heart man's words and opinions, or truths that set you free and challenge you in the theology of how you live? Many don't necessarily think of books or blogs as being mentors, but in some regards they [...]

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Why Choose a Mentor: Part 6

This week we have been engaging the topic of Mentoring, specifically how to choose a mentor.  If you have not read through the posts this week, I would highly encourage you to go back and look through them. How church is modeled out today is very different from the way it was back in the biblical days. I believe the church is doing it's best to grasp how to do church, how to be a REAL community, [...]

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Choosing & Being a Mentor Requires Humility | Part 5

Choosing a Mentor Requires Humility, both for the mentor and the student. We as a Christian people live in a culture that teaches, if you think it, you can do it.  If you put your mind to it, you can do anything. The sky is the limit. Dream, and you shall be. These thoughts are very tempting to want to believe. They feed a self proclaiming, self-indulgent, ego building philosophies that are widely accepted in our [...]

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Look at The Fruit in Their Life: Choosing A Mentor Part 4

How to Choose a Mentor? Tip Three {in our series}: This May be the single most important proactive thinking you could do to impact who you choose as a mentor. Look at the Fruit in a Person Life before you choose them to be your Mentor. I have personally always chosen mentors who were AT LEAST a season ahead of me. While I do believe you can learn from your friends, and even those younger [...]

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Who Has God Put in Your Life: Choosing a Mentor Part 3

How to Choose a Mentor? Tip Two: 2) Look for women God has Naturally put in Your Life God designed the family for many purposes, one of these is for mothers to teach their daughters, grandmas to teach their grand-daughters, etc...  If you have a daughter, teach her, begin a relationship of teaching, otherwise it will be difficult to do it when they are older.  Find projects to do with her, so she learns how [...]

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Choosing a Mentor: Series Part 2

How do you Choose a Mentor? Tips to Choosing Wisely: 1.) Pray This might seem obvious, but it is necessary because God may have someone else in store for you than who you have in mind.  We need to be willing to let Him provide... I have been abundantly blessed by mentors God brought into my life when I needed them most and didn’t even know it. We need to pray for God to bring [...]

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Three Tips to Choosing a Mentor or Coach

How do you choose a mentor? It’s a question I get asked often. I began purposefully gleaning wisdom from older mentors since the time I was about fifteen. Right around when I accepted Christ and recognized, “I didn’t know it all.” Different seasons in my life brought different types of mentors. For example, when I was in College, I asked the Campus Relations Director's wife to be my mentor.  I observed her marriage and family, [...]

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Parenting Our Children Pursposefully with the Future In Mind

As parents we all have the potential to hold on too tight.  Out of our great Love and Deep Concern for our children, we make choices in raising them, educating them, carefully "choosing their environments." One of the challenges I see all parents potentially struggle with, but maybe especially home schooling parents, is the temptation to hold on too tightly to our children.  I am not referring to the protection we are responsible for providing [...]