I Can’t Do it All~ And I Don’t: Part II

Tolpin Academy Music Teachers So yes, we home school, but that doesn't mean I am some mom who knows how to teach everything. I have found that having talented music teachers, who double as great role models are one way to really instill the love for music in my children (along with loving it myself).  :)  We have been so blessed with some amazing teachers over the years... for the sake of the length of [...]

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I Can’t Do it All~ And “I DON’T”: Part I

I have wanted to share with you a little inside glimpse into what our life is REALLY like! When I get the "I don't know how you do it all" comment Two thoughts enter my mind- 1) It is only by God's grace, power, and provision I have the energy to keep up with all we have going on... and enjoying the children in the midst is my biggest focus as far as family is [...]

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Sacrifice & Priorities

Keeping Priorities Straight~ Hello from the weed farm! In case you have wondered where I am,  I have been thinking about you all and praying for you!  That your homes would be filled with joy and a peace that comes from the Lord. I pray that you are all enjoying your children and intentionally engaging them! I haven't been here because I have to take care of my first priorities first and I haven't been [...]

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The Honest Struggles from a Writer Pursuing to Share God’s Vision

These next two weeks are big weeks for me in regards to finishing writing the last two chapters and editing out a TON of content for Redeeming Childbirth! For months now I have been struggling writing a chapter that I felt strongly the Lord had impressed upon my heart to write and include in this book.  I would begin writing it, read it over and push that big DELETE button in the top right corner [...]

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Many Hands Make Light Work

If you are anything like me, then you know the challenge in daily life to intentionally enjoy your children while not neglecting your household chores and accomplishing everything on your good old to-do list. Figuring Out Chores, Responsibilities, Organization and Routines can be a trick... here is some valuable wisdom from Eternal Encouragement and Lorrie Flem. I was so blessed to review this product in excnage for a review and we have awesome surprise... if [...]

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