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How to Equip Your Children for Social Media Biblically

Within the last decade, as online social networks began emerging, many mainstream folks wondered if these alternative communities were really here to stay, or if they were simply a trend. Advances in technology, such as cell phones, the personal computer made mobile, have further enhanced what these social networks were originally intending. The future seems clear, that these social communities are here to stay. Upon joining some of these social networks, I quickly realized some [...]

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Creating a Social Media Mission Statement & Set Boundaries

We all have our reasons for being on social media.  For some it may be a way to connect with family and friends that are long distance, for others it might be the social networking for business, or maybe your kids are on social media, so you feel the need to be. I share in our personal testimony below why we are on social media, but from the beginning Isaac and I set out on a mission [...]

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