Today was my 29th Birthday!
What a Special Birthday this year!

I have to say a special thank you to my hubby and brag about what he did for me this year. He really scored points!!!

My husband, Isaac, planned a day off for me on Friday. He watched the kids from 12-9 so I could go have a fun day with one of my dearest friends Kristi! We had so much fun… Isaac treated us to pedicures and dinner as well as sending me out with freedom and some birthday shopping money to buy some post baby clothes. After having three summer babies and one very late spring baby I actually discovered recently that I only owned one pair of summer shorts (that aren’t maternity) and to my surprise they don’t fit. :) So what a blessing… especially during these super hot days we’ve been having.

We had such a great day!

Then this morning Kelsey made me French toast and I was gifted with beautiful cards from the kids! All homemade of course… the best kind!