The Legacy of Worship

The love of music is a legacy I am So thankful for. Music is the rhythm of the soul, it can change the atmosphere in the home in seconds. Worshipful music can take a crabby, tired mama and transform her into a joyful, gentle mother who delights in her children and has their hearts. God made us to worship Him and He blesses us when we do. I love Music, don’t you?  I love having [...]

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What do your Children see?

This concept "What do your children see" can be applied to so many areas of our lives. Today I want to apply to Marriage. What do your children see?  Or better yet, ask yourself this question... What will my children remember as adults when they look back on their childhood? Everyone does it... everyone looks back on how they were raised and with memories of how their parents were "so in love" or "not." what [...]

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"As is the Mother, so is the Daughter." Ezekiel 16:44 Wow!  Talk about responsibility right!  If we weren't feeling the pressure before-man! Being a Mother is such a great privilege, but also such a huge awesome responsibility!   So many days I feel the weight of it, and feel like I don't measure up.  Am I doing all I should with my kids?  Am I preparing my children for the purposes God's made them for? [...]

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Socialization? To School or Not to School?

I was recently inspired to blog about the whole "Socialization" controversy that tends to "attack" home schooling families.  Its always funny to me when I get asked why do we home school?  I have to laugh; because, if you have home schooled for any amount of time at all... boy... that question is opening a whole can of worms... isn't it!  It is not a simple answer, at all.  In fact, its probably one of [...]

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Easter Parenting Resources

There are so many fantastic resources available today for teaching children about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, can't it? I am going to share the majority of what we have been using over the years during Lent and Easter Season.  When intentionally striving to leave a legacy of faith and a deep understanding of Christ, His death, sacrifice, and resurrection, one way to really help impress the [...]

Engaging but Not Encouraging Halloween

Beautiful fall with all its glory. Wonderful bounty, plentiful harvest, and Halloween. Do you ever feel like Halloween ruins it? When I was a young mom, I struggled so much with how to handle Halloween. We were teaching our daughter to love Jesus, to walk in purity, turn from sin, and to also be a LIGHT in the darkness. But where is the fine line for Christians on how to handle Halloween? I used to be [...]

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