There are so many fantastic resources available today for teaching children about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, can’t it? I am going to share the majority of what we have been using over the years during Lent and Easter Season. 


When intentionally striving to leave a legacy of faith and a deep understanding of Christ, His death, sacrifice, and resurrection, one way to really help impress the meaning of any season we celebrate is by having a few special things specifically to make this holiday memorable.

It doesn’t have to be much, maybe a book or two, or a special movie, special plates. Whatever fits your fancy! But I do believe that you will never regret investing in purposeful resources like the few I am going to share with you below. I just dream of the day I get to have a few grandkids on my lap reading one the books I “used” to read with their mom or dad.

And if you have the finances to spare, or are willing to invest in your legacy even more. By a few copies of some of your favorite books that will impress the faith upon your grandkids one day. Store them away in a child’s hope chest or keepsake box for when they are a mother or father. We have special boxes for every child, with their favorite kids books and the ones we believe NEED to be passed onto the next generation.

Remember to check your local library for books and check them out first to see how you like them before purchasing.

Here are some of our favorite Easter Resources:

The Word of God first and foremost:

Resurrection Eggs with these books:
Benjamin’s Box & The Resurrection Egg w/Ms. Patty Cake DVD  & Book (great for little kids)

Beginning Reader Arch Books
The Week that Led to Easter
The Day Jesus Died

**There are so many out there. We try to bring out some “special” ones during this season.

EasterbooksHe Is Risen
The Parable of the Lily
The Sunflower Parable
The Easter Story
The Very First Easter
The Legend of the Sand Dollar:An Inspirational Story of Hope for Easter

Easter Memories
The Legend of the Easter Egg

Video/ DVDs
The Animated Passion for Kids
The Story Keepers Easter Story
The Easter Promise and The Witness

Teaching about Passover:

Christ in the Passover, Rose Publishing
Celebrating Biblical Feasts by Martha Zimmerman
The Messianic Haggadah
The Secret Seder

Praise Adonai
Messianic Worship with Paul Wilbur

Family Devotional Resources for Lent, Messianic Passover, Easter:

Christ in Easter: A Family Celebration of Holy Week
by Charles Colson, Billy Graham & Max Lucado




I Hope this helps! This post contains affiliate links to help support the upkeep of this website. I appreciate your support as you share this post and others with your friends!
I know there is really a ton more resources out there, these are just the ones we have invested in and used over the years with our children. If you have any other suggestions please leave a comment so others can get more ideas! 



Jesus, thank you for coming, living among us and for loving us so much that you died on the cross for our sins. Thank you for your grace. Lord, we deeply desire for our children know you in a deep way and ask that you would guide us as we do our best to led them in a relationship with you. Help us to model the gospel as we live our lives and help us to engage this season of remembering you and your sacrifice for us during Easter. May our children have a deep understanding of you, what you did when you died and rose again, and may they truly get the most important meaning behind this holiday. May our hearts be truly rejoicing!



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