Update on the Garden

Everything is in Bloom!Here is an update on my gardenWe are harvesting Beets, radishes, lettuce, brocolli, onions, shallots, garlic and many different herbs! Oh, I am so excited!This year we did companion planting...Box #1TomatoesBasil, Sage, ParsleyAsparagusLettuce & CarrotsOnions, Shallots, GarlicRubarbMarigold, Calendula & EchniceaBox #2Peas (trellis)CucumbersLettuce, Calendula, ParsleyNasturiums, Blackeyed SusanCarrots & AsparagusTomatoesBox#3Broccolli & CabbageBeetsOnions, Shallots & GarlicSage, Dill &ChamomilePeppermint & SpearmintBox #4Pole Beans & Bush BeansRadishesYellow Summer SquashZucchiniEggplantCorn, Sunflowers & PumpkinsMorning Glory, Lupine, SalviaAnyone know if [...]

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Rest from Work

We can now rest easy knowing that all has been done with the vineyard until the warmer weather when we need to lift off the grow tubes!The plants have all been pruned, the compost is out, and the dead plants are replaced!Good job Isaac!

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Kozy Koats

If you lived in the North WestIf you love tomatoesIf you would like to reap tomatoes earlier than September this yearThan you have got to check out theseKozy KoatsHere is a tomato plant I planted without a Kozy Koat 2 weeks ago...Droopy and Dead!Here is the same kind of tomato planted on the same day but warmed and protected by a Kozy Koat...Healthy and Growing!Kozy koat can be found at almost any garden center... I [...]

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Presoaking, Scarifying, and Presprouting Seeds

This year we got around to planting are starts a couple of weeks later than I would have liked.... so with the pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini and squash we soaked the seeds and put them on damp paper towels, rolled them up and sealed them in a zip lock bag. After a couple days they look like this:Then you plant them inside for a few weeks and you are set. This process also works with beans [...]

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Open Season in the Garden

Finally it is Time! Time for Gardening!Yeah! I am so EXCITED this year! We have expanded my garden... added 2 more flower beds in the enclosed garden! My hope is to be able to use past of the land behind our chicken coop for corn and potatoes and things like that as well. That is if I can manage to figure out my watering problems.After weeks of reading, planning, buying seeds, buying starts, testing and [...]

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The Hard Work is Done! For Now!

Now we can rest until January... Pruning Season!We did it! We are done with the hardest part of planting our Vineyard! The trellis system is up, the plants are in the ground, the grow tubes are protecting every yearling, and they are secured to the wire! Yeah! Thanks be to God for holding off the rain until 20 minutes after we finished tying the last grow tube to the trellis! Isn't He amazing! Here is [...]

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Thursday we finished planting all 1,386 plants!Friday morning was beautiful out in the vineyard.. a gentle fog lingered over the dirt.Welcome Autumn!

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Tuesday Tolpin Team Work

Everyone in the FAmily worked soooo Hard yesterday! There was planting of the first section, and picking up the containers, watering each plant individually, putting the stakes back in... and for baby Luke he was so good in the stroller (most of the 7 hours...)Great Job Guys! Mom and Dad are soooo proud!We went to Olive Garden at 8 last night to celebrate a hard but successful days work.Today we plant the second section! Thank [...]

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Planting Day Has Come

Tuesday Plants arrived @ Noon!

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Too Many Tomatoes

Any body have any recipes to share that I can use to preserve my tomatoes???I ran outside tonight during our first big down pour (that lasted 5-10 minutes) to rescue my largest harvest of tomatoes.I hope I get to harvest the other hundred. We'll see if we keep getting rain they might go bad. Chickens will sure love them!

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