If you lived in the North West
If you love tomatoes
If you would like to reap tomatoes earlier than September this year
Than you have got to check out these
Kozy Koats

Here is a tomato plant I planted without a Kozy Koat 2 weeks ago…
Droopy and Dead!

Here is the same kind of tomato planted on the same day but warmed and protected by a Kozy KoatHealthy and Growing!

Kozy koat can be found at almost any garden center… I found these at Portland Nursery for $15.95 for a package of 3.

I was also told by a friend to try filling a plastic water bottle with water, putting it next to the plant and then wrapping the trellis (which surrounds the plant of course) with Saran wrap. I haven’t personally tried it but it sounds cost effective and all stuff you can probably find around your house.

Also I wanted to tell you about these wonderful Tomato Ladders I found through Garden Supply Company. I bought a set of five for $39.95 last year and my tomatoes were amazing!
Tomatoes typically do better with some sort of trellis system!

“He who works his land will have Abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgement.”
Proverbs 12:11

Lord willing, may we all reap an Abundant Harvest this year!