Vision – Alignment – Impact

We all know how important vision is, we get frustrated when others in leadership constantly change the vision before any previous ones materialize. We aren’t all made to be tremendous visionaries but anyone can cast a vision and move towards it.

If you are a leader, with that comes the responsibility of having a clear vision, sharing it, and most importantly living it out.

Early in business I understood the need for vision, in fact if I wasn’t sharing one then, I wasn’t doing well.  It took me awhile to become a visionary in my marriage and family.  It’s strange how we can be good at something in one part of our lives then where it counts most, miss it.

My general vision was that my family would have a significant impact on this world for Christ.  That sounds good, is good, but left at that doesn’t have a real tangible impact.

A good question came to mind.  “Why do I meet with leaders in business and talk about vision for our organization yet not do that purposefully with my wife?”   You see this all the time with leaders of organizations including churches.  They provide this aspect of leadership to the masses but have significant lacking with their families.

 After all what looks normal to the masses is: set some new years resolutions that don’t materialize, decide what sports the kids will play, discuss some educational needs of the children and keep doing a lot of what we’ve done.

If purposeful analysis of the whole family picture isn’t measured against the VISION 2-4 times per year; then most likely there is a lot of mediocrity that exists within the family.

What I mean is, there is tremendous potential for the family

My wife Angie is a strong woman and a great leader.  But she purposefully chooses to encourage my leadership and not usurp it.  It doesn’t matter how strong you are as a leader yourself, it’s vital that the wife encourages her husband’s influence for the family.

Applicable steps to be a visionary leader with your wife coming in my next post soon!

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Isaac is Wife of Angie Tolpin, father to six children, Entrepreuner, Co-Owner & Founder of Choose Growth, President of Wired Success, Co-Founder of Throwing Boulders, NorPac Division Leader, Speaker (NSA), Owner of Damascus Vineyards.