Last friday was our annual NorPac Christmas Party! We started out the day finishing making dessert & appetizers! Here are the boys helping us make some choco crunch treats & almond bark… super fast easy and yummy treat for little ones to help with!

Choco Crunch Treats:
equal parts milk chocolate chips & butterscotch chips- melted…
stir in crunchy chow mein noodles and drop on wax paper to harden!

Almond Bark:
Roast Almonds… melt chocolate chips over med low heat…. spread almonds out on cookie sheet and pour chocolate over top… let it harden then break into pieces…so good! Thanks Keziah for showing us how to make the bark!

Other desserts & appetizers we made for party:
Christmas cookies… Mint fudge… Fondue Fountain… deviled eggs (my fav)… famous meatballs…
cheese plater… and more! Thanks to All that Jazz Catering I didn’t have to cook dinner this year! What a nice break! The food was awesome… and so nice to not have to do it all!