Do your children see you burdened with stress and anxiety? 

When you have a problem and you need help from another person, are you able to share your burdens with a friend, a brother or sister in Christ?

Or do they see you allowing the Body of Christ to fulfill its purpose here on earth, through ministering to you?  

What do your kids see?  

Our kids watch us don’t they?

I am convicted of this so much myself.  

Roy Hession in the “Calvary Road” states “We can only be honest with God about ourselves as much as we are willing to be real with our brother or sister in Christ.”    Convicting isn’t it.  How honest are we with God, with ourselves, with others about our struggles?

Our children are watching us and learning from us. This stuff is caught from practicing and watching relationships in the home & with our friends.  They are learning that it is acceptable to withdraw from others and God or they are learning to cast your burdens on Him and allow the Body of Christ to function the way God designed it to (which ever we model).  If we as the Body of Christ do not allow our children to experience dealing with conflict & resolving it,  and instead, we just solve their problems for them all the time; and if we don’t let them see us work through conflict with our spouse or watch us pray for a friend in need how are they ever going to learn how to have Authentic Friendships?  

If we don’t start being transparent and the kind of friends we want our children to be how can we expect them to be good friends and choose good friends.  We have to be intentional about teaching and talking with our children about friendships and what God’s design and purpose for them is.

May God bless you today with a touch from a friend,