I have been frantically trying to get my garden all planted before the baby comes these past few weeks. The last few days I have been working especially hard with all this nice weather. I had to share with you a picture of this really cool, easy to assemble yourself trellis. My friend Kristi always has the best books to look through from the library when i go to visit her… this trellis comes from one of those fabulous books. Thanks Kristi for the idea!

All you need:
2* 2 ft long reabar
3* 4 ft long 1/2 in piping
2* couplets (that fit on top ends of piping to connect)
1* cloth trellis netting (which you can find at the Johnson Creek Fred Meyers)

I just built the second trellis yesterday and got our last pea starts in! In the book, the guy was growing watermelons, cantaloupe and even pumpkins from these trellis’ because they are so sturdy. One of the most appealing things for me is that at the end of the season when the vines are ready to be composted all you have to do is cut the top of the netting of the top bar and sides bars and put it all in the compost… no untangling! I am so excited.

Another great trellis for pole beans and peas are these bamboo tee pees. I have had these for about 3 years now and they are still in fabulous condition. I hope these gardening tips are as helpful as they were for me! I am sorry it is so late in the season.