For a while now I have been wanting to blog about demographic issues. The world’s view vs the Christian world view. Today I was reading in, The Family (God’s Weapon for Victory) by Robert Anderson, the chapter happened to be on this topic. In his book, he says, “Satan is the father of lies and there is no truth in him (John 8:44). He has repeated some of his lies often enough in the media that many unwitting Christians believe him. For instance, have you fallen for this one? There is a population problem. We are over crowded and running out of resources and therefore must limit the size of our families.” I say, this is conventional wisdom in practically all circles today, Christians are not excluded from this. But how accurate are the statements that are spoken as if they were truth?

From a Biblical perspective some say…but the Lord says to be fruitful and multiply. Increase in number and subdue the land! Have we really done this? What do you think? We are in a battle are we not? As Christians we are in a battle against Satan and his troops (which we in number 1/3 of all the angels). Do you think Satan wants the christian army to grow in number and conquer this earth? We are in a battle for souls are we not? He already has this country believing a lie that babies aren’t really babies until a certain stage in pregnancy. Did you know that 1 in every 3 pregnancies gets aborted in the USA. We have been deceived. God created us all in His image… His likeness. He so dearly wants to know us all and for us to know Him deeply. How great the Father’s Love for us (all of us created… even those who don’t know him yet)! So here is the question based upon the fact that Satan doesn’t want us christian to raise christian warriors who are going to make change in this world. Should we assume this lie is from him? What is the truth? IS there a population problem? Or are humans living in an aging society that is going extinct?

I plan on covering this topic over the next few posts! Give me your thoughts?