We Just got back from our best vacation ever!
Eleven days, just us the kids and NO DISTRACTIONS!
Many of our friends have had similar adventures and they rave about what a gift simplicity is when you can only take the “necessities” with you.
Now I can understand fully! It was great to just cuddle kids as we travel because there are no weeds to pull, no dishes to do, and the cleaning is so minimal since it is in perspective. (No comparison in sq footage)
What a BLESSING this has been for our family!

We just got home from our first RV vacation on Sunday night.
What a great time! We spent 11 days and surprised the kids all the way!
It was such a blast!

Here are a few of the highlights from our trip-

Time alone with Kids
No Distractions
The time to work on family relationships

Driving on the open road just talking with Isaac while kids slept
Worshiping to our favorite worship music
Reading through Romans and discussing it
Together without Distractions
Together without Distractions
No Household- Garden-Farm responsibilities
Oh yeah, Disneyland, California Adventure, and SeaWorld were a blast, but the best part of the trip was time together without distractions.
Just playing together in the pools, camping, and eating over the campfire!

Here are some photos of our trip:

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