Yesterday Kelsey had her first Piano Recital. She has been taking lessons for three years now and it is so fun and rewarding to watch her be able to confidently play well. She played three pieces. “Palomino, Minuet, and Cat & Mouse.” I was so proud!

We went through the phase this year of her not “wanting” to play anymore. I told her that I wish I had learned how to play and that most people I know took 1-3 years of lessons and then quit. Every one of them wishes they would have stuck with it. Like every other child I knew growing up she wanted to change instruments (expensive). She wants to learn the violin. I told her if she sticks with piano through the year and continues next ear she could learn both. Now we have finally gotten through the hardest part of understanding theory and she is getting so much better. Piano is here to stay Woo Hoo!