The month of August is a busy one…

Its Kelsey’s Birthday
(on the 3rd)She made a no dairy chocolate cake with peppermint frosting for our family birthday party last night! It was so yummy!

Drew’s birthday is the 24th of August!

Here he is almost 3 years old with Big Brother Austin, Nana and Gigi (Great grandma)!

On the 17th I turn 30!

Here are a few pictures of our together family party we had last night!

My brother Tim fished & crabbed all day at the Coast for my birthday presents… a beautiful Freshwater Coho Salmon and 3 Dungeness Crabs!
I am so blessed to have such a skilled fisherman in the family!

(Actually we have 2… grandpa Walter… be safe up in Alaska)
Nana & Luke playing!

Here is a picture of Aunt Katie, Austin and Gigi (visiting from Arizona)!