The Lord is blessing all our hard work last April and May when we started our seeds indoors! The kids are having such a great time outside this summer reaping our harvest. This is the first year we have planted early enough that we have been reaping for months now. This is the height of our season though. Now through September.

The only problem is the WEEDS!
And Boy Do WE Have Some!

When we came home from our vacation WOW we had some HUGE Zucchini, hundreds of tomatoes and Lots of weeds.
And considering the condition of my back we will just have to live with the weeds and pray God blesses us with continued bounty.

Talk about needing to “pick your battles”; check out this field of weeds. Some garden!
Oh the symbolism in all of this. How you can work so hard to plant the seeds… but if the are thrown in with the “thistles” they will not reap a harvest.
How many times have I experienced that in life?
Right now I am currently thinking about the new school year ahead and in the past I focused so much on academics… mostly out of paranoia that my children would not meet standards.
The reality is that it was immaturity on my part.
As well as inexperience.
When it comes to homeschooling…
Yes I educate our children, but I want to put my energies into the studies that will reap a harvest not just for a short season and be totally forgotten, but for a lifetime.

I shouldn’t get distracted with doing 10 different workbooks that consume a bunch time… instead study scripture and books that deepen our faith in addition to classics and history, then incorporate handwriting, grammar, and spelling and so on into report type writings or journaling.
Kelsey is a bookworm and I am very proud of her. I have to admit though that for her reading has become like an idol and it is largely my fault. I have praised her and put such a high value on literature that it has become a stumbling block. She is a sweet girl and I am very proud of her; however, there is pride in this area. It is my fault.
There have been times when attitudes change in her… she is more selfish and such and it is a reflection of what she is reading. Not that what she is reading is bad. It is generally very amazing text… but it is man’s words, not GOd’s Word!
When we hold her accountable and put out the standard that she needs to read more of God’s Word than man’s words she is restored… in faith, in action and deeds, and in love and serving.
So this year this is our focus and goal…
to revive a love for servant-hood in all of our children.
Kelsey is currently restored and now is the time to work down the line.

School will look very different for the Tolpins this year.
I will share more when I have more clarity.
It is exciting and I am just inspired right now.
Thank the Lord for reviving my heart for planting seeds on good soil and to focus on “weeding” in my own home.

I hope you are reaping a good harvest right now!