Your child comes up to you with that look… they want something… but they think you might say no… “Mom, can I do a craft?” You reply in your mind, “But Crafts are So Messy!!!” A host of other excuses come into your mind… they take time… and you and I both know who really does the craft… right(well depending on the age)… I don’t know what to have you do…

What do you do?  In those moments?

My best memories at home as a little girl were sitting creating… anything.  I remember those plaster kits, with the molds, that you could paint and turn into magnets… crocheting little blankets for dolls, or even just coloring.  Not all children are as into crafts as others… but most like it, especially when they are younger.

Memories are a huge part of the Legacy you leave. The reality is that everything we do or don’t do leaves a mark in history… a memory in our child. I have been really embracing this concept of Legacy and one of the most convicting things to me is that… if I do not engage my children they will remember.  They will just as easily remember me engaging them as they will remember me NOT engaging them. That is not a Legacy I want to Leave.

So what do Crafts have to do with A Legacy?  Well,  in the eternal scheme of life, probably not a whole lot.  But the outcome of investing the time and interest in your child, to sit and participate with them, engage them… that is priceless.

To help us moms get inspired to do “new” crafts with our children this year, Leaving a Legacy will be having Carey Bailey from Cravings Posting regularly… sharing a craft for us moms to do either on our own as a gift for our children or with them.

Let’s Go Make Memories… Enjoy our Children… Get Creative or at least try… and in the process Leave a Legacy of valuing your children.  When they are adults, they will remember you sitting for hours working on a project, just because you love them. They may even know you didn’t really want to do it… but that you cared for them and wanted to do it because they did. They will remember you wanting to spend time with them.

But Crafts Are So Messy~ Yes they are, but making the mess & cleaning it together is where a Legacy Bond is made!

Engage those Kids!