Family of 9 Starts a Vlog

That's right, we have started a family VLOG! I am very excited to share with you about WHY we have started this family project. 1. It's our new family project (producers vs. consumers) Remember when my visionary husband, Isaac, had a BIG idea to plant a vineyard with our kids? Our oldest child was only a smidgen over seven years old, but he was determined to begin an adventure with the kids that would teach work ethic. [...]

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Warning: Are Your Children More Important than Technology?

Laptops, cell phones, tablets, and computer screens have all improved our lives, right? Or maybe not. As a mom of seven, who has teenagers, as well as a baby, I've experienced what parenthood is like with and without technology. When I compare my mothering experience back then to how it is today, I see and experience a challenge today that was never an issue before. If you have teens now think back. Not everyone had a [...]

Easy Passover Recipes Your Kids Will Love to Make

Over the past few years we have tried a LOT of recipes and many of them have totally flopped. When it comes to finding a good unleavened bread recipe, there are a ton out there and many of them are not very tasty. But do not fret, I am ready to share the few recipes we have found that are no-fail, tasty, easy recipes that even your kids can make on their own (if they [...]

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Sometimes Mama Needs a Timeout

The baby is fussing, the toddler is arguing with the eight year old over wanting to play with his special toy, it's getting close to dinner time and your six year old REALLY wants to help make it. It's enough to make anyone go mad after a day of three kids asking questions at the same time, having been up all night with a teething baby, and a child with a fever. Dinner? Maybe I should [...]

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8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

{The 8 Questions are Near the Bottom of the Post} If you are anything like me, you are aware of your own selfish sin, and see it played out in the little mini-me running around your home everyday? And the more children you have, the more you see it right? I recently read a fantastic book. One that is worth reading for your own personal edification and spiritual growth, but also from the perspective of [...]

Dreaming w/ your Kids about when you are a GrandParent

  I'll Remind You-Jessica June Rose This song makes me cry every time I watch it!  Our culture, doesn't take PERSONAL responsibility for the elderly in their lives.  We have so much to be gratefultful for and to learn from.  We are robbing ourselves of the spiritual blessings that come from doing what we are supposed to do.  As hard as it is to envision the day my mother is old and unable to take [...]

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Reaching out: A Note to Young Mother’s

I have been thinking about the power of a grandparent’s influence so much lately. It probably has something to do with the fact that my parents have been out of town for 2 months and at the same time my in-laws were gone for a month of that! It was a weird time. I know many people don’t live close to parents, but we have always lived nearby. It was eye opening. I really truly [...]

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Break the Cycle~Grandparents Choose to Leave a New Legacy~

Kid's are Smart- they know what real relationships are about! If you were to ask yourself- Do your Grandkids think you know them?  What would your response be? Kids are not dumb. They can see right through your facade, and they know when they are truly being loved and cared for. They know if you are faking it. Grandparents are to be a testimony to the little ones in the way they live out life, [...]

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Grandchildren~ Are they a Picture in Your Wallet?

Grandparents~ Let's ask some tough questions again~  How do you view your grandkids?  Are they a trophy to show off when they are "good?"  Or are you involved do you know your grandchild?  Really Know Them? They are a picture in the wallet, a birthday card every year, a little person that looks like her dad. The grand kids are fun to be around for a short amount of time, but that is all you [...]

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Thinking Ahead~ Embracing Today~ Multi-Generational Legacy

I am excited for this weeks post series which is going to be digging deep into multi-generational legacy! We are starting out with some intense questions & articles this week to really probe hearts~ get us thinking and getting real~  Thank you Alice Behnke for your contributions and writing on this topic. Intense in some parts, but overall good and profitable to examine our hearts and motives. Thank you to Brandy & Judy Maddox who [...]

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