An Uncommon Way to Encourage a Friend Walking Through Crisis

I got a text message from a friend the other night. “Pray for my daughter. We are headed to the ER.” What does one say? The obvious answer would be to pray. Immediately. Stop and pray! But what do you say, what do you do next? Sometimes, praying IS WHAT you do. Often times we downplay the power of prayer. Most Christ followers would say there is power in praying, that there is a purpose [...]

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When Christians Get Confused About Disputable & Indisputable Issues

I want to open by asking you a few questions: Do you believe the God wants us all to look the same? Does He desire us to be the same? To live the same?  Does He expect us to believe the same things?  As humans we mistakenly group questions like this all together, expecting the same answer.   Some of us can't possibly fathom that God could desire us to live in unity, yet delight in our [...]

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Reasons Why So Many Are Not Speaking Up About Same-Sex Marriage

There is a silence among some. I'm sure you have thought at one point or another in the past week, "I haven't seen many people from the Christian community writing about the same-sex marriage ruling." I sure have. Even those one would expect to speak up on an issue like the Supreme Court ruling last week are simply silent? Why? 1. Fear 2. Confusion 3. A Grieving Spirit 4. Love Let's Expose the Fear This topic [...]

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My 20th Re-Birthday

A few months back, I was having a conversation with my eight year old and he asked me how long I have been a Christian. I got a little giddy, because I love intimate conversations like these with my kids. And I shared with him, this Spring is going to be my 20th Re-Birthday! Looking confused he said, “But Mom, you’re 35, did you forget?” "Of course not son, but when I was 15 years [...]

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Show “Perfect Courtesy” to Everyone, Including Your Family

Do you struggle with being kind and courteous to your spouse? How about being respectful and kind to your children? There is no pretty way to make this sound any better than it really is. So I am just going to confess it, yes, this is a struggle for me. The weird thing, is that it didn't used to be. When life was so much simpler {before kids}, I wasn't stretched or challenged to be nice [...]

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8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

{The 8 Questions are Near the Bottom of the Post} If you are anything like me, you are aware of your own selfish sin, and see it played out in the little mini-me running around your home everyday? And the more children you have, the more you see it right? I recently read a fantastic book. One that is worth reading for your own personal edification and spiritual growth, but also from the perspective of [...]

The Great Church Search: Prayerfully Seeking vs. Selfishly Shopping

Church Shopping It sounds like such a consumerist mentality to finding a new church home. Yet, I myself have been guilty of casually referring to this season of church visiting as such. What other term is there to eloquently describe the season where one {or a family} is intentionally looking for a church to call their home? When we were preparing to relocate our family we were put in the position of needing to find a [...]

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Lessons from the Vineyard on Brokenness

Just a short few weeks ago we began our intentional studies and remembrance traditions leading up to the crucifixion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Coincidentally, these past few weeks have been unusually warm for the Pacific Northwest, inspiring new growth that the awakening of Spring brings. And when there is growth, I am beckoned outside to tend my garden and vineyard. Yes there is weeding to do, grass to mow, but the very [...]

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Illuminate Through Brokenness

About a month ago I was offered the opportunity to write on letting God's light shine through brokenness. And just as any other time when I speak on a topic, the Lord allows me to recall and deepen my understanding of my own experiences and those I am impacted by in this life. This past month there has been much to ponder. Have you ever felt broken? Unfixable items often go into the trash in our culture. And often [...]

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Is Poking Fun a Sin? | A Deeper Look at Relationships

About two months ago I wrote the post, I Sinned Against My Husband {Part 1}. But what you don't know is that, the day before, I really did sin against my husband, by poking fun at him. That post, this series, was inspired by the ugliness I saw in myself that Sunday morning while getting ready for church {of all days}. But I knew that I needed to spend some time truly examining this common communication [...]

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