Show “Perfect Courtesy” to Everyone, Including Your Family

Do you struggle with being kind and courteous to your spouse? How about being respectful and kind to your children? There is no pretty way to make this sound any better than it really is. So I am just going to confess it, yes, this is a struggle for me. The weird thing, is that it didn't used to be. When life was so much simpler {before kids}, I wasn't stretched or challenged to be nice [...]

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8 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Themselves

{The 8 Questions are Near the Bottom of the Post} If you are anything like me, you are aware of your own selfish sin, and see it played out in the little mini-me running around your home everyday? And the more children you have, the more you see it right? I recently read a fantastic book. One that is worth reading for your own personal edification and spiritual growth, but also from the perspective of [...]

I Sinned Against My Husband Part 1

I sinned against my husband. Maybe you have too? It was a normal Saturday morning, and I got up to make breakfast. In my heart, I wasn't doing it because I wanted to. I had hungry children. As I stumbled out of bed, that's when it began... the resentment. Why was I the one getting out of bed to cook? I am just as tired as he is, I thought to myself. As I walked [...]

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Either Way

Do you believe in miracles? Do you see them in the everyday? We read of Jesus miracles throughout the gospels, as He healed {Luke 18:35-43, Mark 5:21-43 & 6:53-56, Matt. 9 & 15:29 for example}, as He provided food for the multitudes {Matt. 14:13-21}, He calmed storms {Mark 4:35}, He walked on water {Mark 6:45}, cast out and healed those with demons {Luke 9:37}, and perhaps the most amazing miracle of Jesus was His forgiveness [...]

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Even Leaders Need Encouragement | Please Pray

Even Leaders Need Encouragement Even those you think are strong have moments of weakness. Even those you think of as leaders need encouragement. And they especially need your prayers, because the ENEMY would love nothing other than to destroy any good fruit that is in their life. To discourage them and bring them down. I don't know how many of you know one particular part of my story. I haven't written about it, but those [...]

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Is Your Platform {Pulpit/Blog} An Idol?

She sat in her car weeping. Finally home. The baby asleep in the car seat, the toddler drowsy from the 45 minute drive home from the moms group. Tired and not looking forward to the loads of laundry that needed to be washed. Dreading going in and seeing the kitchen that needed to be swept and mopped before tonight's weekly bible study. Was she overdoing it? She questioned the amount of "ministry" she was involved [...]

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21 Heart Testimonies…

Twenty- One Heart Testimonies {glimpses into my heart, things God has been teaching me, where I struggle, my deepest passions, spiritual agitations, convictions, and spiritual milestone experiences with the Lord} 1. Just when I thought I understood what "trusting" the Lord was supposed to look like, I have become humbled yet again and am currently learning about full surrender 2. My deepest personal spiritual desire is for the Lord to open my eyes to the [...]

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The Honest Struggles from a Writer Pursuing to Share God’s Vision

These next two weeks are big weeks for me in regards to finishing writing the last two chapters and editing out a TON of content for Redeeming Childbirth! For months now I have been struggling writing a chapter that I felt strongly the Lord had impressed upon my heart to write and include in this book.  I would begin writing it, read it over and push that big DELETE button in the top right corner [...]

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Fighting Selfishness: The On-Going Battle of a Mom at Home

Today was a battle for me to keep my perspective clear, focused, and my attitude joyful. Today I didn't want to be at home doing laundry, cleaning house, feeding kids, changing diapers, or even doing home school with the kids. Today I struggled with an ugly sin called selfishness. For any of you who know me well, you know that the thing I LOVE most to do with my husband is build. Ever since we [...]

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The Legacy of Reliance

Casting Our Burdens “When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” Psalm 94:19 What do you do?  When the cares of your heart are drowning you, and you feel like you are suffocating because of pressure and stress.  Are you able to give them to God, cast your burdens on him? Are His Words in scripture able to help you let go and move on, on purpose whole and healthy, [...]

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