Twenty- One Heart Testimonies {glimpses into my heart, things God has been teaching me, where I struggle, my deepest passions, spiritual agitations, convictions, and spiritual milestone experiences with the Lord}

1. Just when I thought I understood what “trusting” the Lord was supposed to look like, I have become humbled yet again and am currently learning about full surrender

2. My deepest personal spiritual desire is for the Lord to open my eyes to the REALITY of this world~ for my heart to be PROVOKED to grieve and become anger for the honor of our God

3. I am currently praying for the Lord to give me His wisdom and understanding {patience} because I do not possess any in and of myself

4. I have been praying for the Lord to reveal any idols I may have in my life- not fun- but really good {possessions, control, or standards of living}

5. Part of my heart lives in Mexico with the Trique people in Camalu- where I grew up doing missions every summer from 12-23 {minus 3 years}

6. Another part of my heart is in Kadikoy, Turkey {Istanbul} where I did short-term missions teaching English as a second language and counseled battered Muslim women

7. I have a very sensitive spirit~I can’t handle watching intense movies~I literally put myself in the movie and can’t sleep for a VERY long time! I have had to protect my mind, my ears and my eyes very carefully bc my spirit actually gets agitated.

8. I am fearful of being judged and struggle with being a “people pleaser”

9. Music moves my soul into worship instantly~ it is one of the strongest forms of connection I personally experience with the Holy Spirit

10. I feel that my three best and highest contributions to the world are done in through: 1) Choosing to have a Growing Marriage {and encouraging others to thrive} 2)Raising my children to “know God and make Him known” [CC motto] and 3) to minister to the body of Christ through my writing {since I feel a strong calling to serve in my home}

11. I often struggle with mixed emotions towards our hobby vineyard~I don’t have enough time or energy to give it all it requires to thrive~I am thankful for it at times and other times feel it is a burden~this is a constant wrestling I have

12. I am a terrible friend~this is something I wish I had time to fix! Friendships take time~ and after giving myself to God, my husband, my six children, and my callings… right now I don’t have much time {in quantity} I am learning to have grace with myself and keep my priorities in check…

13. I am very picky with my time and struggle to simply enjoy because I am so focused on being productive and not wasting a day the good Lord gives me… that being said… I look forward to a day when I can relax

14. While most people can’t wait until Friday… I think to myself, “Man, Friday already… I didn’t have enough time to get everything done… can’t I have another day Lord?”

15. Some of my most intimate seasons with my Lord were when I was empty and need of His presence and sustenance. Those are the spiritual milestones that have built up my identity in Him.

16. I am constantly asking myself what kind of example I am giving my children? I am aware of my responsibility and my influence as a mother and deeply desire to leave a strong legacy of faith and action in love.

17. The Lord is refining me to be a better wife and mother always… it is painful at times but proves to be fruitful later.

18. I look forward to the day of grand-parenthood and dream of it often {even though it is YEARS away}

19. I simply love Jesus for who He is, what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do!

20. My past has helped mold me to who I am today. I’m not proud of all of my past,{who is?} but I am reminded every day just what grace is because of it. The legacy I want to leave doesn’t hide, but rejoice in the work God has done and is doing in my life still.

21. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness and self-control.” Galations 5:22 Everyday these things that should be “fruit” that just reflect what is in our hearts, become a daily choice to fight for. Some are easier than others, but on a daily basis… still a choice to let God transform my soul to genuinely reflect them.

I am very thrilled to be going to the “AllumeConference” in a week and a half in PA! In attempt to get to know other bloggy ladies before the trip I am posting a few “get to know ya” posts this week. I would love to connect with you and get to know you better.  If you have a blog and would like to “link-up” here with your “get to know ya blog post” that would be great!


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Together We Lead for His Glory,

Angie Tolpin