This concept of making every moment count completely convicts me to my deepest roots. Honestly, looking back over the course of my journey as a mother… have I made the most of every moment?

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Have I taken advantage of as many opportunities as I get to talk with each of my children about salvation, eternity, grace and repentance?

Have I told them how much I love them… often enough? Have I told them all the neat things I notice about who they are becoming… frequently?

Have I been proactively teaching and equipping my children for their launching day? They are going to leave my home one day… and boy does it happen fast. Will they be prepared to confidently make their highest and best contribution to this world? Will their focus be to serve others as unto the Lord?

I think it is so easy to go about every day… going through the motions… not truly delighting in the gifts our children are. This concept of delighting in ones children was gleaned from many older, wiser, Titus 2 women in our previous church. They taught me to quiet down the pace of life and enjoy…

Our life has been busier than normal lately, that is just our life right now. Sometimes it is part of obeying God– going the extra mile! And I really think it is good for our children see us choosing not to watch the movie at night but instead write for His glory (or whatever you are doing to serve the Lord). But even in that reality… I can still choose to engage them… to take the time necessary to nurture those relationships. That is partially why I have not been posting a ton here lately… I needed to do what I talk about here. Tonight as I read to my children, cuddled, and played footsie– I put myself in their shoes. What do each of my children feel and think about themselves based upon my daily interactions with them. Am I engaging them… dreaming with them… leading them to the Word of God and His Throne?

We are told how fast the time goes… and we don’t really understand it until it happens to us. Let’s make the moments count while we have them with us… before the moments are gone. I don’t want to live with regrets… do you?

Together We Lead,

Angie Tolpin

I would love to hear from you ways in which you engage & build up your babies… as they get older! Please leave your comment- I love hearing from you. And hey, if you are on Pinterest… I have shared this pic for you to share as well… if you want 🙂