“It’s Just Business”

It isn’t “just” business!

Not if you have made your life fully integrated with your faith.

I hate this phrase- always have. You know why… because it is an excuse not to have integrity.

Anytime we make an excuse not to be living with integrity- doing the right thing-just because it is the right thing- we are jeopardizing something deep within our souls- part of our spiritual DNA.

For us, business has always been personal. It took being intentional about it… I always figured… if something is worth doing as a profession and it was going to take my husband away from us 40-80 hours a week… I better make it personal. It is already if Isaac spends that amount of time with them.

God does not compartmentalize our life and neither should we. In fact, if we do… if we compartmentalize Him to be just waiting for us in our pew on Sunday morning or if we only integrate our faith into parts our personal life… it is dangerous.

There is something terribly wrong in our culture because business isn’t integrated with personal life. When it isn’t integrated there is less accountability, sometimes none. We as Christians need to be intentional about making it more personal. We should be concerned for where our fellow man is spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally, etc… It is called “Caring.”

“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”       John 13:35, NIV

Our existence isn’t to make ourselves look good.  Our existence isn’t even about us. We need to chose to be focused on pursuing God’s plans and purposes. And we need to intentionally teach Business Integrity to our children.

Here are a few questions for all of you in business today:

**Would you treat others in business the same way if you knew your wife our children were watching you? What about your God?  Guess what… He is.

God gave you a partner in life- as iron sharpens iron- to hold one another accountable in this life journey- do you honestly share truth about what you do- or do you “justify” your actions to please others and not your God?

Just some thoughts on Business Integrity I have been pondering for a few months…

Together We Lead… let’s lead with integrity based on our Father’s standards… and let’s intentionally teach them to our children by allowing them to witness how business integrity is supposed to look first hand. It will be the best education they could ever get.

God Bless,

Angie T