Family of 9 Starts a Vlog

That's right, we have started a family VLOG! I am very excited to share with you about WHY we have started this family project. 1. It's our new family project (producers vs. consumers) Remember when my visionary husband, Isaac, had a BIG idea to plant a vineyard with our kids? Our oldest child was only a smidgen over seven years old, but he was determined to begin an adventure with the kids that would teach work ethic. [...]

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I’m Married to an Entrepreneur & We’re Still Happy

For those of you who don't know my husband Isaac, he is an entrepreneur at heart. This is just how God wired him. He's a natural born leader, an innovative thinker. And people like him, don't THRIVE being put in a box. Who does really? But you get my point. For the entirety of our marriage, Isaac has enjoyed being in the business of 'building' people. Anyone who has ever been married to a self-employed, [...]

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Business Integrity: It Isn’t “Just” Business

"It's Just Business" It isn't "just" business! Not if you have made your life fully integrated with your faith. I hate this phrase- always have. You know why... because it is an excuse not to have integrity. Anytime we make an excuse not to be living with integrity- doing the right thing-just because it is the right thing- we are jeopardizing something deep within our souls- part of our spiritual DNA. For us, business has [...]

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Becoming a Supportive Wife

My husband and I were on a date a few weeks ago, and we decided to spend some time going through our calendars, getting caught up.  We don't usually do this sort of thing on dates, and my husband would probably tell you he wasn't really excited about the idea of going through our calendars, but once we began talking through it, I told him, "This is really helpful for me to know when I [...]

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Choosing to be a Supportive Wife~ Becoming that Great Woman Behind Your Great Man

Every business has its busy season. As a entrepreneur's wife I understand all to well how hard those busy seasons can be on a marriage and family. Traveling, late nights, unexpected changes in schedule, and having to be constantly available (phone/computer) can take it's toll. There are many sacrifices that those who build businesses make in order to make their dreams a reality. The next few posts I write are for those women who are [...]

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Social Media Accountability | Marriage on a Mission

As many of you know my husband and I have tinkered around in social media a bit... Our Story:  About 9-10 years ago my husband started a blog, not because he was excited about blogging as much as he was about getting me to blog. So after a few months of editing his content, I gave in and created the "old" Leaving a Legacy blogspot. I went through seasons of more engagement than others, like [...]

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Natural State of Marriage & Parenting~ Mediocrity

The natural state of marriage is mediocrity                   The natural state of parenting is mediocrity.   The wind blows strong against greatness which is why it takes cognitive, purposeful effort and leadership to have a great marriage and family. The natural tendency is to put tons of purposeful effort into our careers and leadership roles and over time less and less effort into our wives and children. There’s a quote that has always stuck [...]

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Choosing to Lead Your Wife

Vision - Alignment - Impact We all know how important vision is, we get frustrated when others in leadership constantly change the vision before any previous ones materialize. We aren’t all made to be tremendous visionaries but anyone can cast a vision and move towards it. If you are a leader, with that comes the responsibility of having a clear vision, sharing it, and most importantly living it out. Early in business I understood the [...]

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Thriving Marriages & Thriving Businesses:Part 6

Compartmentalizing Life? Aren't We a Team?What is it?  He has his job, you have your job.  He has his responsibilities, you have yours.  He has his "jurisdictions," you have yours.  He has his side of the closet, you have yours.  He goes to work, its his deal, what does it have to do with you?  You have your work (even if it is in the home), what does it have to do with him?  Get [...]

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"Building Thriving marriages & Thriving Businesses Part 4:The Comparison Trap"

The Comparison TrapWe have all been there... that time old comparison trap... and aren't we women the WORST at it? Or maybe it just has the ability to eat us up more than men?I'm sure you've all read the books on friendship that have chapters dedicated to "comparing" yourself to other women and how dreadfully dangerous that can be.I know I have personally struggled with this one since I was a young girl in elementary [...]

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