Family of 9 Starts a Vlog

That's right, we have started a family VLOG! I am very excited to share with you about WHY we have started this family project. 1. It's our new family project (producers vs. consumers) Remember when my visionary husband, Isaac, had a BIG idea to plant a vineyard with our kids? Our oldest child was only a smidgen over seven years old, but he was determined to begin an adventure with the kids that would teach work ethic. [...]

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Why I don’t blog about homeschooling?

Last month I received an email from a sweet sister in the Lord, asking me why I don't blog much about homeschooling. Her question was stated like this: Angie, I have been following your blog Leaving a Legacy for about a year now and really enjoy reading your posts. I know you just wrote a book and have been busy writing over there as well, but I was just wondering why you don't blog about [...]

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An Easter Tradition that Decorates Your Home, Creates a Project for Your Kids, and Recycles Your Christmas Tree

Remember the Cross We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power,and the wonders he has done. Psalm 78:4   Teach them to your children and your children's children.  In all the traditions, the holidays throughout the year, we need to remember that Jesus died for us to live in freedom from bondage. Both eternally, and here on earth. As I share [...]

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Socialization? To School or Not to School?

I was recently inspired to blog about the whole "Socialization" controversy that tends to "attack" home schooling families.  Its always funny to me when I get asked why do we home school?  I have to laugh; because, if you have home schooled for any amount of time at all... boy... that question is opening a whole can of worms... isn't it!  It is not a simple answer, at all.  In fact, its probably one of [...]

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"CAUGHT NOT TAUGHT" Make every moment count ...before it passes That's right... Reading time! As a home school mother I have been convicted lately and I thought I would share. As I have been planning the new years activities, curriculum and those sort of things... I felt a conviction to change-up the schedule. You see while we read a ton at our house... there hasn't ever been a need for a "scheduled time [...]

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December Home School…

December at the TolpinsMany people have been asking me what we do for home school the month of December...A typical December at our house looks like this:We take the month off from most "typical school subjects" to learn more about Jesus, focus on Jesus, celebrate Jesus, and bless family and friends through hospitality & special gift making.I am a CRAFT ADDICT... I love doing hands on activities with the kids so here are someGift Making [...]

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Productive Play

Toys for Birthdays, Toys for Christmas, Toys for Education???After being at the local toy store and being over whelmed by the quantity of junk they call toys as well as the lack of quality toys I have decided to awaken my blog from a deep sleep. Toys, there are many different ideas and theories out there about them. In sharing some I have encountered, you may be surprised. Hopefully challenged and led to think deeply [...]

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Learning to Quilt w/ Gramma

While we were in "Waiting" for Ethan to be born...Isaac's Mom came to help out.While she was here she taught Kelsey how to quilt!Here she is at 10 quilting, when her own mom has not even done by 31 years of age!Thanks for coming Sarah, you were a huge help...I still can't believe you and Kelsey got it done in 3 days!

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A Special Date with Megan

Megan is my little artist at heart...as well as my lovey girl!She is the kid in the house that needs more affection and attention at times lately.She used to be so "easy"... never really had tantrums... which I thought was b/c of child training, but have realized after having more than 3, that I was just very blessed with having a gentle quiet spirited daughter. Now that she is 5 and a half ( which [...]

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Masters School of Art Camp

Last Week Austin & Kelsey attended "Art Camp" for the first time. I first learned about MSOA 3 years ago at one of the home school conferences. I was so impressed by their approach of teaching technique and variety of classes, but my children were not yet old enough. Well they have expanded, they are closer now.... meeting in the downstairs of Sunnyside Foursquare Church. They have classes starting in the fall... everything from Celtic [...]

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