Megan is my little artist at heart…as well as my lovey girl!
She is the kid in the house that needs more affection and attention at times lately.She used to be so “easy”… never really had tantrums… which I thought was b/c of child training, but have realized after having more than 3, that I was just very blessed with having a gentle quiet spirited daughter. Now that she is 5 and a half ( which is so shocking to me), I am feeling this urgency to “know” her better and bring her under my wing, as I did her older sister.
Megan is our middle child in the bunch; she is also directly in the middle of a bunch of boys. Most people would think, wow, she must be tough to be in the middle of so many boys. Many have asked “is she a Tom-Boy?” Nope- not my Megan. She is VERY Feminine! She is a little girly girl that loves to wear pink, dance with her big sister, cook in the kitchen with mommy, play the piano (which she loves doing 5-6 times a day–making her music up now- and its really good), and do any kind of craft or art.
I am very aware that being the middle of 5-6 kids she could possibly “fall through the cracks” and so I am purposefully pursuing bringing her up under my wing. I decided a couple weeks ago to reassign the buddy system to the kids. Megan gets to be the new baby’s buddy!
She is SO excited and this is a way to make sure I spend more purposeful time with her like I did the others. This may be her last chance to see mommy give birth so she is excited to experience that with me, learn how to change a newborns diapers, help with baths, help keep him “happy” when he gets older, etc…When Kelsey & Austin went to Art Camp 2 weeks ago, she was pretty upset she wasn’t old enough to go… so one of the days we they were gone I took her on a date to the Ceramic Cafe. We had so much fun just talking and making Kelsey’s birthday present together!
Here she is painting a tea cup and saucer for her sister’s 10th birthday.