We have a few little boys that LOVE Blankets in our house! Well Actually all of us do.
When Winter comes we live in blankets… with a nice smelling warm fire… we wrap up in blankets, sit on the sofa, and read, read, & READ!
On any given day you can find Kelsey wrapped up in a blanket, on the floor or on her bed… doing her math (often times more math than she is assigned), Austin wrapped in a blanket doing his aloud reading, Megan wrappped in a blanket doing “explode the code,” Drew and Luke Cuddled up in blankets… napping…

The point is– we really like blankets. Especially homemade fluffy ones right after they come out of the dryer! =)
Since baby is coming any time now… and we are going to need the baby blankets we have been making new bigger, toddler size blankets for Luke!
Here are the girls giving Luke his new John Deere farm blanket!
(upper picture)
Here is Kelsey with a blanket she made by herself for the new baby yesterday!
I learned how to sew baby blankets on the sewing machine when I was 23- pregnant with Austin. Kelsey is not even 10 yrs old yet!
What a great opportunity! She loves sewing– and she is getting fast too!