December at the Tolpins
Many people have been asking me what we do for home school the month of December…
A typical December at our house looks like this:
We take the month off from most “typical school subjects” to learn more about Jesus, focus on Jesus, celebrate Jesus, and bless family and friends through hospitality & special gift making.

I am a CRAFT ADDICT… I love doing hands on activities with the kids so here are some
Gift Making for Kids…
Here are a few ideas of things we have done this year…
If your family sorry if you see your gift before Christmas…
but so many friends have been asking for ideas…

Painting Terra Cotta Flower pots for those garden enthusiasts in the family! Ceramic Coasters from the ceramic cafe… each kid paints one! So much fun!Drew made ceramic magnets! Mix, bake, paint!
Megan painted a glass picture frame~

The big kids embroidered towels! Yep even boys need to know how to sew!
Little ones Painting Wooden treasures from Craft store!

Babies helped me make special memories plaques!

Drew made Luke a yellow ducky for Christmas! All the kids enjoyed candle making & soap making~

Other gift ideas we have made successfully:
~Harvesting herbs and giving them in beautiful green glass bottles bought from Mountain Rose Herb Store. Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary, Dill, Thyme, Oregano & Peppermint are our favorites for cooking and teas!
~Making bracelets, key chains out of bottle caps
~ Magnet making
~Making Coasters with Modge Podge
~Photo crafts such as calenders, mouse pads, mugs, ornaments, magnets,etc…
~Making cement mosaic stepping stones
~knitting scarves
~pot holder loom kit
~tie-knot blankets
~sewing baby doll blankets
~cookie, muffin, soup mixes in a jar- we have been making these for years for neighbors… since before I had kids and people LOVE them
~Cookies in a tin can of course!
~ Canvas painting for Grandparents
~Potpourri Sachets

Many ideas come from just walking through the craft store. So when all else fails I go there and walk around to get ideas. Some great websites for activities if you don’t want to put the craft supplies together…. Creativity for Kids & of course Timberdoodle has boxed craft ideas too!

May you, as a mother embrace the time you have with your kids and enjoy them as you create together…