Redeeming Halloween | The Pumpkin Gospel

What does Redeeming Halloween look like?  If you are reading this post, most likely you or someone you know has struggled with "celebrating halloween" like most of our American or World culture does... and you are looking for an alternative. If you are like me, you didn't want to be the grinch or viewed as some judgmental Christian. And let's face it, even in the church, when you rebel against the norm of what most do, people judge [...]

Family Favorite Christmas Books & Traditions

What are your favorite family traditions during the Christmas Season? Some of ours are as simple as reading the same books every year and looking through our Christmas scrapbooks, sharing stories about previous years memories! And who can forget listening to the reading of the story of baby Jesus and singing Silent Night? Of course, we didn't have all of these fabulous books right away when we had children. The collection has grown over the past [...]

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Is Your Child’s Heart Distracted From the True Meaning of Christmas?

When we were young parents we struggled with the whole "Santa" controversy. Do we have Santa bring presents? Or not? Do we get a Christmas tree or not? There are so many decisions we as parents get to {have to} make over the years, and they aren't always easy ones. The reality is that children will most likely believe in what the media influences them to believe or what other children they know believe, unless [...]

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An Easter Tradition that Decorates Your Home, Creates a Project for Your Kids, and Recycles Your Christmas Tree

Remember the Cross We will not hide them from their descendants; we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power,and the wonders he has done. Psalm 78:4   Teach them to your children and your children's children.  In all the traditions, the holidays throughout the year, we need to remember that Jesus died for us to live in freedom from bondage. Both eternally, and here on earth. As I share [...]

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Easter Parenting Resources

There are so many fantastic resources available today for teaching children about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, can't it? I am going to share the majority of what we have been using over the years during Lent and Easter Season.  When intentionally striving to leave a legacy of faith and a deep understanding of Christ, His death, sacrifice, and resurrection, one way to really help impress the [...]

A Messianic Passover

 I am excited to share a glimpse into one of our family traditions, a Messianic Passover! Every year we seem to add new traditions or mix up what we teach on... usually our meals and teaching, worship and prayers all take about 3 hours and the preparation is about 5 hours of cooking and 3-4 hours of scripture prep. You can make this more or less involved depending on the ages of your children and [...]

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Good News Jelly Beans!

Here is a Fun little activity to do with little ones since we are nearing Easter!We got these from our librarian and had so much fun eating each one as we learned what it represented.Thanks Linda

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It’s The Season To…

Make Cookies, Fudge & Candy...Pack & Ship Cookies, Cards, & Gifts...To Wrestle & Dance to Christmas Music...To Think & Pray for & Help Others in Need!This year our church made Hope to others Bags for us to keep in our car ready to give to those less fortunate. A good idea for all year round that we will be adopting! How powerful to meet the needs of people even in this small way. If you [...]

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A New Tradition: Apple Squeezin’

The past two years we have made apple juice @ Isaac's dad's house. The look forward to it now as a tradition!

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