Why We Do Not Recommend the Minions Movie

Disclaimer: Movies land in one of those "disputable issues" categories. My intention in writing this post is not to create controversy, nor is it to condemn anyone for taking their children to this movie. Simply put, I have felt a burden on my heart to write this post since we took our son to watch it. I posted a few pictures of us going to see the movie on social media in celebration of his birthday [...]

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How Jealousy Almost Ruined My Marriage + Interview with #TheUnveiledWife & Giveaway

    Enter to win Jen's book Unveiled Wife here! a Rafflecopter giveaway   Purchase here to support Leaving a Legacy & Unveiled Wife! Over the years I have read many marriage books. But I have never come across one that was quite like Jen's book, The Unveiled Wife. As many of you know from reading my book, Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth, and Beyond, I highly value that "Every Woman [...]

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How to Equip Your Children for Social Media Biblically

Within the last decade, as online social networks began emerging, many mainstream folks wondered if these alternative communities were really here to stay, or if they were simply a trend. Advances in technology, such as cell phones, the personal computer made mobile, have further enhanced what these social networks were originally intending. The future seems clear, that these social communities are here to stay. Upon joining some of these social networks, I quickly realized some [...]

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Why Women Should Read The Grand Paradox : Giveaway & Video Interview

When I was first asked to check out Ken's new book coming out this next week on Jan. 27th, 2015, my first thought was, I have way too many other books on my reading list that I am currently trying to get through. I'm a mom, a wife who's husband is building a business, which means he works late... often. I don't have time to read another book! But then I met with Ken, we [...]

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Family Favorite Christmas Books & Traditions

What are your favorite family traditions during the Christmas Season? Some of ours are as simple as reading the same books every year and looking through our Christmas scrapbooks, sharing stories about previous years memories! And who can forget listening to the reading of the story of baby Jesus and singing Silent Night? Of course, we didn't have all of these fabulous books right away when we had children. The collection has grown over the past [...]

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The Ultimate Homemaking Library

Hello Friends! I am so excited to tell you about this fantastic bundle of ebooks, resources and freebies that is available for the next six days only! As many of you know, my first book Redeeming Childbirth: Experiencing His Presence in Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth and Beyond was released Jan. 15, 2013 and has been doing very well! I have some more exciting news! Redeeming Childbirth: Growth & Study Guide, is going to be released on Amazon [...]

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Lead Your Family Like Jesus- Book Review

  When I was invited to sign up to be on the team for the Lead Your Family Like Jesus Launch Team... my initial reaction was... oh man I don't know if I can do that right now... I just launched my first self-published book also, and I am tuckered out. BUT, the title alone justified me looking into it. I thought to myself, I love this message already! This is a like-minded message! For [...]

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Many Hands Make Light Work

If you are anything like me, then you know the challenge in daily life to intentionally enjoy your children while not neglecting your household chores and accomplishing everything on your good old to-do list. Figuring Out Chores, Responsibilities, Organization and Routines can be a trick... here is some valuable wisdom from Eternal Encouragement and Lorrie Flem. I was so blessed to review this product in excnage for a review and we have awesome surprise... if [...]

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“Hospitality: It’s Not About Me”

Hospitality is one of those passions of mine.  I highly value community and so it is no surprise I LOVE getting together with other families.  Over the years as our family has grown, hospitality has been one of those practices that has not been as purposefully frequent as other seasons; and unfortunately many people do not excited about the thought of having a large family over either.  I have heard "We would just love to [...]

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