Making Every Moment Count…

This concept of making every moment count completely convicts me to my deepest roots. Honestly, looking back over the course of my journey as a mother... have I made the most of every moment? I'm on Pinterest now! Have I taken advantage of as many opportunities as I get to talk with each of my children about salvation, eternity, grace and repentance? Have I told them how much I love them... often enough? Have I [...]

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Stop & Delight- Take a Photo

We have been talking about Delighting in our Children as our {Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals} continues... today I want to simply talk about the concept of letting go of the to-dos so that you can be free to smile, laugh, cuddle, play a game, get on the floor, play hide n seek, sit and have hot cocoa and talk, or have a heart to heart with your child (children).  I think there are so many [...]

I confess~ Moments of Struggling to Delight as a Mama

I have a confession to make.  I have not always "delighted" in my children.  To this day I have to remind myself and ask God to remind me to "delight" in them at times.  When I first became a mother, we were young newly weds... only married a year.  Though I loved Kelsey, I didn't think consciously about delighting in her.  I thought about making fun, happy memories with her and being a joy-filled mother.  [...]

Proactive vs. Reactive Parenting

Proactive vs. Reactive Leadership as a Parent     My husband Isaac talks on leadership frequently in business.  He has talked about the concept of proactive vs. reactive leadership.  Making changes and doing things today to train, not because they are needed today, but because they are important and will be needed some day.  In parenting this concept proves to be equally effective in training our children to be prepared for their futures as well [...]

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Intentionally Leading with Vision~ Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals

What is the Vision you have for your family? Do you envision having a close knit family; where your daughters are there for each other, taking care of each other after they have a baby, or watching one another’s children for date nights, etc...  What about your sons, could they maybe work together?  Or will they want to get there families together because they actually like each other and it is not just something they [...]

Competitiveness, Selsfishness, and Pride ~ Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals

Why is Competitiveness one of the topics I chose to include in this Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals Series? I believe the God's heart grieves when we are competing with one another rather than working together as a team, within the family, within marriage, and within the Body of Christ.  My heart grieves for broken families; but I also grieve for families that that are still "together" by our worlds standards but are ineffective or less [...]

Developing Sibling Relationships that Last- Purposeful Parenting #9

Do you find your children competing with one another?  I'm not talking about brothers wrestling, I am talking about heart attitudes.  What are your children's heart attitudes towards learning from one another?  In our home this has been something I have kept my eye out for. I firmly believe that it is our job to be teaching our children that they are developing life long relationships with their siblings.  When we have conflict in our [...]

Purposeful Parenting #8- Competitiveness

The Spirit of Competition.  Many are scared of it, many have been hurt by it; and yet on the other hand many don't see any problem with it, in fact they believe teaching competition is a good thing. How do we handle this as parents?  Are we watching for the spirit of competitiveness among sibling relationships? Is competitiveness between siblings modeled in the bible? In Luke 15, we come to the story of the prodigal [...]

Children~ Our Spiritual Thermometers!

Welcome to the 7th Part of our Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals Series!  I would encourage you to read the first 6 if you haven't had a chance yet! Today we are talking more about expectations and letting our children be our spiritual thermometers as parents.  Do the expectations our children feel and sense match up with what our heart desire really is for our kids? If we are preaching the scriptures and righteous living in [...]

Purposeful Parenting #6~ Looking in the Mirror

We just talked about Expectations in our "Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals Series" last post here. I believe whatever expectations we hold our children to, we should also hold ourselves to. Expectations are things such language usage, dressing modestly, talking back, being sassy, having a rotten attitude, oh the list could go on forever. My point is we should be: Treating them as we would want to be treated If we wouldn’t want to be corrected [...]