We have been talking about Delighting in our Children as our {Core Christian Parenting Fundamentals} continues… today I want to simply talk about the concept of letting go of the to-dos so that you can be free to smile, laugh, cuddle, play a game, get on the floor, play hide n seek, sit and have hot cocoa and talk, or have a heart to heart with your child (children).  I think there are so many ways in which we can truly delight in our children.  All of which make our Father in Heaven smile and take delight himself.  I believe when we are connecting with our children and intentionally tying our hearts to theirs God is delighted.

Sometimes, you and your child need you to stop running and sit.  To make eye contact and be honest.  Sometimes, they just need us to want to cuddle them through an ENTIRE movie. (Oh, my this kills me; I get ants in my pants, if you know what I mean).  I want to end this short little series on Delighting with some sweet glimpses into our life and my delights!

Just as God delights in us when we are proud of something we accomplished, we too should delight when our children accomplish. Enjoy what they are delighting in!

One way I show my children I am delighting is by taking photos.  They know I am paying attention if I have a camera up in their business!  🙂  It kind of holds me accountable… to be delighting in ALL of my children.  I notice if I don’t have many pictures of one particular child and then I try to spend more quality time “delighting” in them.

This is Kelsey, she is almost twelve and LOVES to bake and cook.  I am telling you, LOVES, has ever since she was like, two years old.  It’s one of her passions.  She is also really excited to have her own huge garden this year!  You can see why.  I love that even though she is growing up, she doesn’t mind being young still- as you can see.

Austin is almost nine and loves to play his guitar.  When he has purposeful direction, he can spend hours practicing.  He also really loves building things, projects and being productive.  He thrives on responsibility and loves that he can now mow our entire property!

Luke is Three and a half! He is full of energy and crazy loudness!  But when he is directed he also thrives on responsibility (I think all children do really)!  🙂  I am trying to delight in my children as they delight in their work.  Here he is doing his chore of dishes.  Yes, it is messy and it takes him about 2 hours but hey, he is busy and the dishes get really clean; so does my floor by the way!

I love that the kids love hanging out with each other, playing together… without prompting.  Such a delight for me to see!

Ethan is our always happy two-year old, except when he wants to go outside and it is pouring down rain {Oregon weather is a bummer for this guy}. I wake up nearly every morning with this little guy curled up in my bed… it’s almost like he is trying to get back inside me he is so squirmy and nustles in as close as he can get and yet, it is not close enough.  Most days the first words I hear from him are AUTSIDE (outside) & SHUZ (shoes)! He loves rocks and dirt! He is a special delight in our family- always making us laugh.  I love this age.  Since we don’t have a baby around, I realize how much joy these little ones really bring to the home.  I cringe at the day of boring adult conversations… just kidding.  But really they add so much life!

Our Megan is tough and tender being right in the midst of four boys!  She is our cuddle bug who loves to read and watch movies.  She is our creative crafty lady who can spend tons of time just creating.  But she has a love for babies.  If it were up to her we would have tons of them.  She has been praying for twin sisters since I was pregnant with Drew (3 boys ago)! Here she is cuddling her new cousin, Wesley!  Megan loves to dance and worship, she has a unique ability to bring joy into a room with her presence.

Drew, our five-year old man.  He is our planner and navigator.  When he puts his mind to something, it IS gonna happen. He loves to knowledge and has an amazing memory.  Drew is very athletic and loves anything out and about outdoors.  He loves the beach, hiking, gardening, anything where he can ‘DO’ something outside.  He loves planting, watering, wedding, picking, canning, everything about the process.  Drew has an intense joy about him and literally just makes people smile when he is happy.  Seriously gotta love this kid, he cracks us up!

What kinds of pictures do you take?  What do you “delight in” when you are with your kids through the random parts of your day?

I pray for you, as I pray for myself, that we all become more of the kind of mother’s that care for the eternal and let go of the non-eternal distractions that prevent us from delighting in our children.  As you know, we only have them for a short while! We here it all the time don’t we.  But I want to live like I believe it!  What about you?