You Don’t Have to be a Blogger to be My Friend

When we first moved to Central Oregon and were meeting new people, visiting churches, and having families over for fellowship to get to know them, I realized something about myself. I didn't want them to know I was a blogger or an author. I was scared it would negatively effect the authenticity of the potential friendship. Meaning, I didn't want people to be intimidated and I didn't want people to be attracted to having a friendship with me [...]

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Why I don’t blog about homeschooling?

Last month I received an email from a sweet sister in the Lord, asking me why I don't blog much about homeschooling. Her question was stated like this: Angie, I have been following your blog Leaving a Legacy for about a year now and really enjoy reading your posts. I know you just wrote a book and have been busy writing over there as well, but I was just wondering why you don't blog about [...]

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Thoughts after an 8 Week Sabbatical

As I sit here at my keyboard, my hands cover my eyes as I try desperately to focus my thoughts. Have you been there? Maybe not at a computer to write, but in a conversation with someone and they ask you... so how are you doing? Or what have you been learning? What has God been teaching you? And your response, you honest response could literally take you a whole day to explain. That is [...]

Is Your Platform {Pulpit/Blog} An Idol?

She sat in her car weeping. Finally home. The baby asleep in the car seat, the toddler drowsy from the 45 minute drive home from the moms group. Tired and not looking forward to the loads of laundry that needed to be washed. Dreading going in and seeing the kitchen that needed to be swept and mopped before tonight's weekly bible study. Was she overdoing it? She questioned the amount of "ministry" she was involved [...]

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