Every business has its busy season. As a entrepreneur’s wife I understand all to well how hard those busy seasons can be on a marriage and family. Traveling, late nights, unexpected changes in schedule, and having to be constantly available (phone/computer) can take it’s toll. There are many sacrifices that those who build businesses make in order to make their dreams a reality. The next few posts I write are for those women who are right in the thick of trying to be supportive.

Being “supportive” isn’t easy, in fact its more a rebellion against our human will and desires than something that comes naturally.

Being supportive isn’t ever easy, but it’s as simple as a choice.

It’s a choice that is counter cultural.

It’s a choice that many don’t understand.

It’s a choice that can at times seem very lonely.

It’s a choice that has to be made over and over again.

Every time you wish your husband was at dinner, every time your family or friends question your husband’s priorities, every time you hear of women able to get together for a ladies night out because their husband’s are watching the kids, every time you want to go get some errands done, but can’t because your husband has the car, every time you make financial sacrifices for the business, in those times it is a choice to support your husband, undivided.

Supporting your husband isn’t easy because it isn’t a matter of just doing, it isn’t a matter of going through the motions of saying “ok, sure” when he calls asking if its ok if he works late, again. Being truly supportive isn’t a matter of doing all the things that we might have in our minds as “supportive.”

Being supportive is a heart attitude.

It is one that women in today’s culture have to pursue developing within their own hearts. I admit, I struggle with this almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. In a world that is all about satisfying needs and feelings; and women who believe in a romanticized version of being a business owner’s wife, having a heart attitude that is truly wanting to be helpful to our husbands, looking at their needs and trying to simply help is a choice that is hard to make. Why is it hard? Because it is selfless.

I am excited to share more on this topic the rest of this month. Whether you are married to a man that is building a business, managing a business, or a leader in the community/church, my prayer is that you would be encouraged as a wife.

As wives, we have the ability to begrudgingly support our husbands or to focus on wanting what is best for them, wanting them to succeed (not by the world’s standards) at accomplishing what they are passionate about, dream of, and feel called to do in this world.

20111025_ROJO_0334Choosing Along with You to Be Supportive Today~ Because it is a Day by Day Choice