The Postpartum FOG: The Week After Birth

So your expecting a baby moon? You've been carrying your sweet babe in your womb for -40+ weeks and your anxiously awaiting the moment you get to hold your baby in your arms. Then the big D-Day  arrives! You give birth, and like most, you experience one of the most exhilarating few hours post birth. You are hungry, eating like you never have before, and snuggling your sweet bundle of joy. If you are like me, you [...]

Taking Time to Heal from Pregnancy and Birth |Postpartum Care

Time is one of our greatest commodities here on earth. And it is our responsibility to steward it well. Many might think that taking 30-45 days to rest is absurd and excessive, but did you know that women who take that time to recover and heal have less likely a chance of suffering PPD AND they are known to have longer life spans! Did you know that there are actually 4 trimesters, not three? Many [...]

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Not Every Pregnancy Is the Same | Encouragement from a Mom of Seven

As many of you know, I am expecting our 7th blessing! Well, it dawned on me the other day that I haven't shared much here, on my personal website, about what God has been teaching me through this pregnancy.  If any of you follow Redeeming Childbirth or my journey through Instagram, then you probably see some of what I share, but I was prompted the other day to begin sharing more personally with you here [...]

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I’m Pregnant & My Youngest is Almost 5!

You may have thought since our youngest is almost 5 years old, we were done, right? Surprise!!! One of the benefits I have never experienced before is that everyone is potty trained and SUPER helpful! Everyone in the family is SUPER excited, as you can imagine! Actually they have all been begging for another sister or brother for a couple years now, and there are a couple who are praying for twins. My little Megan isn't [...]

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Reclaiming the Sacred Influence of the Woman

Dearest Sister, Sometimes we can loose sight of our purpose, our mission, and our calling. In all the striving to be a better wife, mom, sister, writer, homemaker, _____, we can forget that our identity is not connected to any of those roles. Since the beginning, women have struggled to find their identity in God alone. Just look where that got Eve. And now here we are, Daughters of Eve, Daughters of the One True [...]

Launch Day for Redeeming Childbirth

Redeeming Childbirth.com I can't believe it, but just 12 months after starting the journey of writing Redeeming Childbirth the day has come! It is now available for sale on Amazon! You can click the icon in the sidebar to find it or head on over to the website! We are having some amazing giveaways today and throughout the week in celebration of the release of "Redeeming Childbirth" the book so come visit the site and [...]

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The Honest Struggles from a Writer Pursuing to Share God’s Vision

These next two weeks are big weeks for me in regards to finishing writing the last two chapters and editing out a TON of content for Redeeming Childbirth! For months now I have been struggling writing a chapter that I felt strongly the Lord had impressed upon my heart to write and include in this book.  I would begin writing it, read it over and push that big DELETE button in the top right corner [...]

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Significance Behind Choosing a Name

As parents we are privileged, by God, to be able to name our children. Through out scripture careful thought and reflection went into choosing a name... and often times God also spoke to either the mother or father to be, telling them what the child should be named; always based upon meaning. When I was a little girl I had a framed picture in my room that had the meaning of my name in it. [...]

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AIO Cloth Diaper Contest

The AIO Cloth Diaper ChallengeJoin the Cloth Diaper Challenge by leaving me a comment at the end of this post!At the end of Next Week we will have a drawing!After trying cloth diaper services with the first few babes and investing in prefolds and wraps with the 3rd... I finally decided to try the AIO (All In One) Diaper. I had used Fuzzy Bunz in the past a really liked them but the ones I [...]

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Responsive Breastfeeding & Fertility

Over the past 11 years I have read many on Breastfeeding & Fertility Signs in attempts to have a good split between being pregnant to give myself a break to recover from the tough pregnancies with nausea, vomiting, back issues and then nursing. Out of the numerous books that cover this issue, these two books are the two I have found most profound & would recommend to any first time mom as well as seasoned [...]

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