AIO Cloth Diaper Contest

The AIO Cloth Diaper ChallengeJoin the Cloth Diaper Challenge by leaving me a comment at the end of this post!At the end of Next Week we will have a drawing!After trying cloth diaper services with the first few babes and investing in prefolds and wraps with the 3rd... I finally decided to try the AIO (All In One) Diaper. I had used Fuzzy Bunz in the past a really liked them but the ones I [...]

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"The American Way"

Tonight I was getting caught up with some friends blogs and ironically my friend, Brenda wrote this post, which totally fits in with what my last post was about... "Work Ethic!" I can't tell you how many times Isaac and I have had conversations with friends on this same issue Brenda. Your post was very tastefully written and sums up a HUGE issue today's parents need to recognize. You are totally fair and right to [...]

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Afton Field Farm Field Trip

Saturday we went to Afton Field Farms in Corvallis Oregonwith our friends the ScottsAfton Filed Farms is an Sustainable Living Farm.We got a hay ride out to see there Broiler Chickens.They only take 8 weeks to raise before butcher so they have a fast turn over!They house 80 chickens per pen!We saw...Honey BeesThey had a huge number of layer hens!Here are the kids running around with them.Amazingly they figured out how to have this many [...]

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Greenhouse Update!

I am so thankful! My boys all worked so hard this weekend and got my new greenhouse built!I am so excited because this means, regardless of my back issues... I can garden... a little bit at least. Our season can now be extended and we can have some produce year round!Here are some pics of the guys hard at work and with the completed project!Littlest Man Hard at Work!Losing Bolts!

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My Mother’s Day Gift

Oh, I am so blessed...My husband woke up this morning got on the tractor and started tilling the land,leveling it for the building of MY GREENHOUSE!Yeah! I am SO excited!The Greenhouse was my birthday present last summer and I have been just waiting to use it!It's going to be a busy weekend around here!Thank you Honey!

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Starting Seeds

Spring time... scarifying time...soaking time...transplanting time... weeding time...soon it will be planting time!The Farmer plants the crop (does the hard labor), but the Lord blesses the work. He makes it grow healthy and protects it. This year my prayer for this garden is for more than blessing the abundance, it is for protection from disastrous pests and massive quantities of weeds. We are drastically down sizing our gardening efforts compared to last year out of [...]

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It’s Officially Fall

Luke Loves tomatoes...look at all the seeds on him from eating them as I pick them!You would think they were berries!Hopefully there will be enough left for tomato sauce?:)Sept.22 was the first day of fall and so to my "little lambs" that means time to pick the pumpkins and most of our squash!Here they are...Our Angiosperms that we germinated and scarified and transplanted and now finally harvested!We have been doing "Exploring Creation's" Botany Science Book [...]

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"Garage Sale Treasures"

If you read my post on Glass Bottles vs. Plastic Bottles you could have probably guessed that I have figured out in research that obviously this whole plastic issue affects a whole lot more than bottles. It is obviously not very cost effective to get rid of all things and replace immediately with glass or other metals. So in an attempt to store my freezer meals for when baby comes and after harvest season I [...]

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