Tonight I was getting caught up with some friends blogs and ironically my friend, Brenda wrote this post, which totally fits in with what my last post was about… “Work Ethic!”
I can’t tell you how many times Isaac and I have had conversations with friends on this same issue Brenda. Your post was very tastefully written and sums up a HUGE issue today’s parents need to recognize.
You are totally fair and right to say “farming isn’t for everyone.” We feel the same way… sometimes we get tired and feel it isn’t for us either! =)
However, there are other ways to teach work ethic!
The key is to be parenting purposefully against the tide of mediocrity in this country.
Purposefully teach servant hood, selflessness and gratefulness; rather than indulging desires and the entitlement attitude of “I Deserve!”
So go check out Brenda @