What better- than a favorite flower- Black Eyed Susan given as a gift from my daughter- to make the cutest heart over my heart!
My delights and joy in my life!

I have always wanted to have Maternity Pictures taken…
to remember the days of pregnancy…
capture the precious memories w

Sadly, as I looked into photographers, I was always concerned about how indecent the pictures were and that it wouldn’t really capture Us!

Plus there was always the $$$ issue.
I am so blessed to have found a treasure in Jocelyn Gillson (Edlin)!
This sweet young newly wed had so much enthusiasm about photography
and loves taking maternity/ family shots! She truly captured us as a family and couple! We had so much fun and realized our property is so much more beautiful through her eyes than we ever thought. She chose unique locations around our property to take the photos… It was a blast!Her husband Rowan teaches photography classes at Cascade College and they have their own photography business, where they shoot weddings, missions trips, families, etc…Their website is down right now, but if you are interested in having Jocelyn or her husband Rowan out you can reach her at [email protected]
Thanks Jocelyn,
we really enjoyed having you with us that afternoon! Sorry about the bee sting! =)

Hiding behind the Blue Balloon!

Here he is… the Love of my life!