I’m officially feeling my age!
My eldest child, Kelsey just turned 10 this afternoon- 12:31pm!

Here are some highlights from here birthday at home!Last Week we took Kelsey on a date! She picked out a new Bible with her name engraved & off we went to her favorite place… Macaroni Grill!

This morning we surprised her with a spontaneous trip to Krispy Kreme Donuts for breakfast!

After going out with Dad for the afternoon, we had a special dinner & cake with some homemade presents!
Megan made Kelsey a tea cup and saucer at Ceramic Cafe while they were at Art School b/c Kelsey Loves Tea!

Drew & Luke finished off a book series Kelsey has just started called “Kingdom Dawn.”

Austin carved a flower out of a piece of wood and painted it for her!

She was so excited to find a cross necklace!

Reading… What a great ending to a great day!