Luke Loves tomatoes…
look at all the seeds on him from eating them as I pick them!
You would think they were berries!

Hopefully there will be enough left for tomato sauce?:)

Sept.22 was the first day of fall and so to my “little lambs” that means time to pick the pumpkins and most of our squash!

Here they are…

Our Angiosperms that we germinated and scarified and transplanted and now finally harvested!

We have been doing “Exploring Creation’s” Botany Science Book along with our Creation videos.
So much cool stuff to learn while we get to “experience it first hand!”

I am so blessed to have my children home with me.
I pray this is a gift that they have the freedom to experience with their own children. Who knows but that the things we take for granted may not always be here for us in the future!
Let us lay our hope and trust in HIM who will provide the strength in these uncertain times our country is in. Let us keep diligently on our knees for our leaders, our country, our rights, and our freedoms.

Well here is the biggest pumpkin weighing in at 88lbs.
This Giant Atlantic didn’t get to be 600lbs like the package said it could but we are happy with almost 100!
Next year we want to try it again and actually take care of it… feed it fertilizer and water it when it is hot (we didn’t do very good at that this past month). Plus while turning it… it kind of got detached from the vine a month ago.

Great Fun!