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After trying cloth diaper services with the first few babes and investing in prefolds and wraps with the 3rd… I finally decided to try the AIO (All In One) Diaper. I had used Fuzzy Bunz in the past a really liked them but the ones I had were not adjustable in size so you had to “invest” in all the sizes and store the diapers, etc… It seemed like a hassle in the long run. So I checked online during this pregnancy and to my surprise there they were… the All In One Cloth Diapers.
Unfortunately I got disenchanted when I began to realize that there were dozens of different companies out there selling all Size fits all diapers now and they all say they have the best diaper. I didn’t have the money or the desire to try them all, but I did try a few and here is my choice picks for cloth diapers.

Runner Up is the Envibum Diaper…
made locally in Vancouver, Washington by a fellow Mommie!
one Size fits all, easy to wash (doesn’t seem to stain), you can through in dryer,
made of unbleached cotton & plush Minkee… great added bonus: they have a fab guarantee!
You can try out there diaper (1) and if you don’t like it send it back with your entire order for a reimbursement! Another cool thing about this company is they give $2 back to a different company based upon the color of diaper you choose! So for example… green diapers give $2 to Food for the Hungry & pink gives $2 to the Pregnancy Resource Center & so on… a different charity for each diaper– I think that is makes it worth buying the diapers!
They also have a fabulous waterproof diaper that I have used in pools! Works great! Check them out at

Down side… A bit bulky on newborns (not my favorite fit); however they absorb a TON & they keep the moisture and poo off the baby’s bum! Another downside is the cost… they are a bit spendy (compared to my #1 pick for diapers)
But not as expensive as most out there on the market
$21.99 per diaper
with discounts for packs

First Place: Favorite Diaper!

find them at LuvYourBabyCute Designs- cheap price $8.95 each
more luxurious ones 10.95 each

super fast service- received my order in a week!

And sooo many more designs! Go check them out!

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Benefits include:
Easy to Wash- No staining…
Good Price… Fits so well on newborns and toddlers
Buy with Velcro or snaps… I prefer snaps (I think they will last longer)
Come with cotton microfiber inserts that absorb a lot!
Plush Minkee Outer Shell w/Micro Fleece Inner: super soft and comfy for baby!
Very Easy to Use and Wash! They are Designer too!

New Eco Friendly! Minkee Bamboo Diaper are thinner and comfier… they are $10.50 ea
These are really nice too… we have tried out 3!
The Minkee Bamboo diapers come in cute solid colors like these:

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