If you read my post on Glass Bottles vs. Plastic Bottles you could have probably guessed that I have figured out in research that obviously this whole plastic issue affects a whole lot more than bottles. It is obviously not very cost effective to get rid of all things and replace immediately with glass or other metals. So in an attempt to store my freezer meals for when baby comes and after harvest season I was on a mission on Friday to find old casserole and Pyrex dishes (with lids). After a couple hours of searching I was pleasantly surprised, blessed rather, to find a small estate sale with a few of my dream items. A Whole $5.00 got me 2 small 8X8 glass bake ware, 1 large 13X9 glass casserole dish, and 2 smaller, older casserole dishes with lids. Woo Hoo! I am so excited!

While I was out and about though, I got to thinking… with so many “great bargains” out there, it would be easy for someone who doesn’t have a frugal conscience and a purposeful mind set to bring home “stuff” they don’t really need. For example… being i am having a baby soon, of course I saw many great sales for baby clothes. Which is a great way to save money, except, if you already have “enough” for that certain size and season and are only buying it because it is “SO CUTE” and such a “GOOD DEAL.”

As wives we have a great responsibility to honor our husbands by the way we spend our money as well as the way “WE DON’T.” I am fully guilty of this as we all are. Many times have I bought something, garage sale or not, to come home and a few weeks later, be thinking “why did I buy this?” Just one more thing to clean or pick up, which takes me away from accomplishing my main purposes in my life right now.
I think the same goes for coupon shopping. Do we really “need” the item we are purchasing, or are we just getting it because it is a good deal and then have one more can in the pantry creating clutter and collecting dust. We all know we need 8 bottles of chili sauce in our pantry, right?! 🙂 (Speaking from experience) I do think it is smart to be wise and purchase things with coupons, however, are we using those things up… before expiration dates even?
I have read many times that the life of simplicity is one of true joy. I believe it! I believe that it is one way we can spend more “time” with the Lord! Which in turn gives us the “true joy!”

Good luck on your Garage Saleing adventures this summer.