Casting Our Burdens

“When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul.” Psalm 94:19

What do you do?  When the cares of your heart are drowning you, and you feel like you are suffocating because of pressure and stress.  Are you able to give them to God, cast your burdens on him?
Are His Words in scripture able to help you let go and move on, on purpose whole and healthy, ready for His work?

Or do you keep it inside you, to yourself?  Letting the burden get heavier and heavier?

Do you rely too much on friendships?  This has been a question I have been holding myself accountable to now for a couple of years.  Instead of going to God with your worries first, do you always run to another woman or your husband?

Do our children see us having “cheerful souls?”

Is it real and long lasting or fake and temporary?  Is our cheerfulness conditional, based upon circumstances?  Or is it a constant state of a heart that is filled with satisfaction from being fed truths by God’s Word?
Our children are watching us aren’t they?  Learning how we handle tough circumstances, worries, fears, and pain.  I am so aware of my own sin in this area… if I want my children to live in the “freedom of Christ,”  then its my role to model it.  If I can’t and I am teaching and preaching to them to “give their troubles to God in prayer.”  And yet I am not FULLY surrendering my issues in way that they can somehow see… how are they going to learn how?
I really do believe this is one of the toughest things a Christian struggles with- casting our burdens on Christ… we try, but we are so quick to take those burdens back as if they are our responsibilities.
I really desire for my children to have a joy filled life… learning how to let go and live freely in Christ~  A Habitual Reliance on Jesus!

Here is our Accountability~ we are potentially leaving a legacy of worrying and anxiety in our children if we do not master this.  They are our accountability… lets teach the habit of giving God our troubles and having a cheerful soul by doing it with them together.


Let’s Leave a Legacy of Reliance on Christ Together!
You with me?