Teaching our Children to be Godly Friends

The Legacy of Biblical Friendship: Part 1

Where do our children learn how to be a friend?  The kind of friend God calls us all to be?

They learn from having friends, experience right?   They also learn from our teaching and what we model as a friend.

I have a friend who almost every time I see her she brings some kind of gift (like a gift of hospitality).  Sometimes its brownies, sometimes it is a bottle of wine, other times its a little sparkly gift of some kind.  She is always thinking of others and very generous.  Her eldest daughter is likewise a very thoughtful friend to my girls… always making her things or bring them notes.  This is one great example of how we model to our children what it means to be a good friend.

What do you model to your children in the arena of friendships?  

Are you able to open up and have purposeful conversations that will “like iron sharpens iron” move one another into a deeper walk in obedience to Christ?

Or are you closed off and avoid going deeper?

When there is conflict, are you loyal and grace giving, do you over look another’s offense?  This can be very difficult to do… personally I struggle with this because I have this innate desire to see justice be done.  Maturity in Christ, recognizes that life isn’t fair…and we all fall short of being worthy of grace, somehow this truth empowers me to be more grace-giving.  How about you?

Are you closed off and judgmental, do you hold a grudge, or do you get angry and sin against your friend?

I want to be more intentional about teaching our children about biblical friendship… will you join me in this commitment?

Blessings  in His Grace,