This past week we harvested around 70 lbs of Concord Grapes from one of my plants that grows around this picket fence surrounding my garden.

We were able to make Juice Concentrate for the freezer and TONS of Grape Jelly.

At the end of the day after everyone had an opportunity to either remove the grapes, smash them, stir them, strain them, or help with making the jelly… then the whole canning process.  It was a busy, crazy day, but so educational and worth it for sure!  Every child helped do something they had not done before and we worked as a team.

Later that day I pulled my sweet Drew over for a chat… he is the one that REALLY Loves grape jelly… on pb&j, on pancakes, on toast… that kid just LOVES Grape jelly!  So I pulled him over to tell him how much I love him and that we made it for everyone but bc he loves it so much… he inspired us to make it!

It brought so much joy to him!

Yes this weekend was so much more than making Jelly… it was Leaving a Legacy!  Often times as a parent, I can talk myself into NOT doing those time consuming projects that they want to do, can’t you?  What we need to keep in perspective is that it will speak volumes of Love to our children. 

What projects do you turn into legacies?