Grandparents~ Let’s ask some tough questions again~  How do you view your grandkids?  Are they a trophy to show off when they are “good?”  Or are you involved do you know your grandchild?  Really Know Them?

They are a picture in the wallet, a birthday card every year, a little person that looks like her dad. The grand kids are fun to be around for a short amount of time, but that is all you can handle. It’s all you can do to scrape together enough patience to hang out on occasion, heaven forbid they show their sinful nature. What would you do with that? You prefer them to stay sweet and innocent and they can do that by staying in their photo in your wallet.

Because you are done raising kids. Done, done, DONE!

Most would agree you are never done being a parent~ however in main stream America~ there is a deadly separation between generations within Christian Families. Deadly, you say???  Yes Deadly, it will kill your legacy, the Legacy of Faith in Jesus you are called to be intentionally leaving.  What is Dead~ None existent or just casual at holidays.  Distance between families poses a HUGE problem today- which means relationships take more effort.

  Let me ask you. Where does the Bible say that you are ever “done” working- as a parent?  Does the bible say anything about retiring from parenthood?

I don’t ever remember it saying anything about retirement. Well wait a sec. There is one reference to retirement and that’s in Numbers 8:23-26. This passage applies specifically to the Levites. And what does it say they should do after retirement? They should “assist their brothers in performing their duties at the Tent of Meeting.” basically, when they retire, they are no longer “working”, rather they are ” helping” the non-retired guys do their jobs.

“While you don’t ever retire from parenting, parenting does change drastically when you children are parents themselves.  They have the authority over their children, you do not.  However, you are needed and valued greatly.  Your work or labor as a grandparent may look different, but you are needed as a member of the team!” Angie Tolpin

There is a Danger in Segregation of Generations!

Where in the world did retirement come from anyways? And why, may I ask, is the trend for older people to disconnect from the younger ones? Why is it that there seems to be some switch for a lot of people who once they are “done ” with children in the house, they put up the umbrella in their drink and prop up the feet? Our government has done a great job of separating families by offering social security that helps grandparents live independently from their children and grandchildren. Many grandparents are separated from their God-given role. They have the time, experience, maturity, stability, and love to perform this task. God never intended for their experience of life to be wasted, but to be passed on.

Now I am not saying that you should not have a time of rest after working so many years, but the trend in our society has become that of selfishness and laziness on the grandparents part.

Titus 2:1-7  talks to the older folk, telling them to be teachers of the younger. Grandparents are extremely important in the life of children. God purposely slows us down, so we can fulfill our roles. Deuteronomy 4:9 says to infuse your faith, not just to your kids but to your grand kids!

Now how can you do this if you are not there? If you don’t have a living relationship? If they do not know who you truly are? I’m not talking about loading them down with gifts and material junk, I’m talking about your passing on the spiritual baton which Psalms 78:1-7 speaks of. The heart is for eternity. And you should be teaching not only by the word but also by your example. Proverbs 16:31

I am excited to engage more tomorrow!  Come Join me for the rest of this series!

God Bless,

Alice Behnke

Wife, and Home School Mother of Four!
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